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4 - The Rules Are Different For The Resin Kind

Life's a little different for the resin inhabitants of the world.
Tan Cat Girl: "Oh this sun feels soooo good. It's so nice that winter's finally over."

Light Cat Girl: "Agreed. I'd be careful out here in the sun with your complexion though."
Tan Cat Girl: "What do you mean?"

Light Cat Girl: "You wouldn't want that tan of yours to fade would you? That's what the sun will do. Who knows what strange color you'll become."
Tan Cat Girl: "That's not how it's supposed to work!"

Normal Cat Girl: "Don't shout at me. I didn't make the rules. It's just how it is for us resin folk."
Tan Cat Girl: "Hmmph! Sunbathing is overrated anyway."

Normal Cat Girl: "If you say so."
Normal Cat Girl: "Hehe. Turns out being the exotic one doesn't always pay does it?"

Note: Sunbathing is actually bad for all shades of resin.