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2 - The Untold Story Of The Metal From The Sky

Ayr has decided she would like to hear the story about the metal from the sky so Kano has told it to her.
Kano: "So that's the story."

*Ayr puts a fist to her forehead and then opens her hand to indicate her mind has been blown.* "Amazing! My mind is blown! The mystery. The heroism. The drama. The unexpected twists. It's just too much!"

Kano: "It's a lot I know. Just be sure you keep it a secret like we agreed."

Ayr: "Of course."

Note to readers: What did you expect given the title?
Sorry. The idea popped in my head and I couldn't resist. Just a little omake that has no bearing on the actual telling of the Hesvar tale.

It was created just after Hesvar #108.