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1 - Pocky!!!

Someone got Saber some Pocky as a gift. She enjoyed it greatly, if briefly. ;)
*Saber springs forward at the site of the gift.*

Saber: "Eeeeeeeeeee! PINK POCKY!!!!! And full sized ones at that!!!!! Oh sweet pocky, how much I love you."
*Saber immediately discards the outer package and starts to rip open the inner one with her teeth.*

Saber: *riiiiiiip*
*The ends of the pocky go flying, either broken in transit or from Saber's violent opening.*

Saber: "Oh my, all the ends broke off. Oh well, I'll just have to improvise!"
Saber: *munch chomp gulp munch*
Saber: "Mmmmm" *chomp chomp gulp* "so good" *munch chomp gulp* .... "ahhhh."
Saber: "Oh that was sooooo good!"