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72 - Helping Dearmine Dear Beans Stand

Dearmine's Dear Beans are super cute, but unfortunately they just cannot stand on their own. They have tiny little feet and huge heads which makes them too top heavy to be stable. Even if you patiently balance them to stand for a bit you'd never want to leave them for long because the slightest nudge and they'll fall.

Here's a photo showing two options to help. The boots are from Parabox for Obitsu 11 cm dolls. The little bean paws fit inside them and with them the beans can stand on their own. Little picasso is not on a stand or against the wall in this photo.

Another option is the stand shown beside Picasso. It's Kaiser Manufacturing #1075. It's also available in white as model #1001. Depending on your bean's outfit you may have to bend the top wire part to increase the loop size for best support. You have to put the doll on kind of sideways to work around the tail of course.