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29 - Queen of the Skies

I picked up this translucent blue BJD a while ago because I thought the color was cool. When it arrived I noticed the translucency created huge problems with the beveled areas inside the head to hold the eyes creating an odd effect on the face. I had to think of something to do about it and came up with the idea of having a mask painted around the eyes to cover the effect.

I contacted Vitta Vera whose work on similar face ups I had seen before and she created this wonderful design with input from me on the colors of the mask and the type of scroll work. (Just the style on the scroll work, she is responsible for the design and the actual execution.)

When it arrived and I tried various fake fur and fiber wigs on her I was unimpressed with all of them. They just ruined the whole translucent effect. So I decided I would try to make a wig out of translucent beads. I'm not really a bead worker and it was a lot of work to make all the strands but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and think it really adds to the overall effect of the translucent resin.

Following are some photos showing the face up and the wig.