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Hesvar #139 - Stinking Idiots

We pick up shortly after the last story. The ladies are still chatting while Kano and Lucius are working on the heated floor system.
Sam: "So it was kind of an awkward trip back. I mean with Kano's throat injury and the tension between Pris and Sophie..."
*Ayr suddenly perks up and holds out her hand to indicate for Sam to be quiet.* "Hold on for a moment. I think I heard something."

*Sam stops talking to let Ayr listen.*
Ayr: "It's Kano. He's calling out."

*Sam listens but doesn't hear anything. She waits a moment but finally has to speak up.* "I can't hear him. What's he saying? Are they ok?"

Ayr: "He's calling for Star. He doesn't sound panicked or anything though."
Ayr: "I guess he knows you keep your boots on. Would you mind tossing on your cloak and heading out to see what they need?"

Star: "No."

*Star gets up and grabs her cloak to head outside and over to the outbuilding where the heating unit and pump system for the heated floor system are located.*
Kano: "Oh good, you heard. It's a little cold to be dashing over to the house."

*Star is holding her nose shut with her hand.* "What is that smell? It's awful."

Kano: "That's what I called you about actually. We had a little issue flushing the system and it's pretty foul."
*Star's gaze follows as Kano points towards the pile of clothes on the ground.* "You're probably mostly smelling the clothes, but it's even worse in here. Fortunately it's all hard surfaces so it should clean up ok."
Kano: "Unfortunately the same can't be said for our clothes. I think we're going to have to burn them. A shame as that's such a cute pair of panties you bought Lucius.

Anyway, could you please bring us the soda powder and some scrub brushes so we can clean up the room and ourselves? Then when we're done I'll call again and you can bring us some coats."

Star: "Ok."
*Star turns and starts walking back toward the house still holding her nose.*

Kano: "Oh hey! I don't know if you noticed but we're both naked in here. So just leave the stuff outside the door and knock when you come back. Ok? Lucius is kinda shy."

*Star just continues to walk away.*
*Kano slides the door shut.*

Kano: "I'm sure she knows not to come in."

Lucius: "Of course she does. She's not an idiot like you. I'm sure she put it together seeing as you were standing naked in the doorway, especially since you just had to point out my underwear."

Kano: "Well they are cute. They really suit you." *Chuckles*

Lucius: "I so hate you right now. This is all your fault. I told you NOT to open that stopper."

Kano: "You said we had to open it to flush the old fluid out."

Lucius: "Yes, I was explaining what we would have to do. Did you really think I was reversing myself right after I told you NOT to open it. What am I saying? Of course you did. You still have the attention span of a small child."

Kano: "What can I say? I'm a man of action."

*The bickering continues even after Star drops off the cleaning supplies.*