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Hesvar #138 - Lounging About

We join Ayr, Sam, and Star relaxing in the living room of their new home.

While it's sadly been a long time in the real world between stories it's only the next day after episode #136 in the world of Hesvar.
Sam: "Do you think we should go see if the guys need help?"

Ayr: "I suppose it could be amusing, but I'm sure they've got their groove when it comes to such things. We'd probably just get in the way. Besides I don't know anything about maintaining heated floors. Do you?"

Sam: "I don't think so. It could be interesting to learn though."

Ayr: "Maybe."
Ayr: "Speaking of the heated floors, I think maybe we should have picked up some throw blankets for the couches along with the pillows. The floors are nice, but the heat is so distributed it doesn't really give that cozy feeling you get sitting next to a typical heater."
Sam: "That might not have been a bad idea."
Sam: "A blanket might make sitting in this short dress a little less awkward too. Maybe I should have listened to you and gotten some sleepwear for myself instead of using this dress. At least I've finally got some underwear though."

Star: "I'm not sure about these gifts."
Sam: "I'm sorry. Lucius and I thought you would be ok if I wore one of the pairs of underwear you gifted him."

Star: "You two may use the underwear however it most helps. I meant the pillows. I don't really see the claimed resemblance to Lucius, but even if he does would he really want us to lounge on them?"
Ayr: "It's a just a little fun Star. If nothing else I'm sure Kano will enjoy them. And honestly I'm sure Lucius will find some way to make having cat pillows a great thing."
Ayr: "So don't worry about it. Maybe take your boots off and relax a little. I don't think I've ever seen you take them off actually."
Star: "If I took my boots off I would have no place to hold those two knives. It is better to remain prepared."
Ayr: "That seems a little extreme. You need to relax sometimes. What about when you sleep?"
*Star and Sam respond at the same time.*

Star: "I don't sleep."

Sam: "Actually she doesn't sleep."

Ayr: "Interesting."